Azerbaijan’s CEC interested in smooth holding of parliamentary elections


BAKU, — Azerbaijan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) is interested in smooth holding of the upcoming parliamentary elections, without any shortcomings, CEC Chairman Mazahir Panahov said at the commission’s meeting.

“Certain people think that by creating hype they can make us do something. All issues related to the electoral process will be resolved within the law and so these people are wasting their time. If there are any shortcomings at the upcoming elections, those who allow them will be punished. Everything is done in accordance with the law,” Pahanov said.

The CEC chairman stressed that during the elections, the CEC will monitor social networks. “This was the case at the municipal elections as well,” Panahov said. “During the parliamentary elections, more attention will be paid to social networks.”

The parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan will be held Feb. 9.