Bilawal announces not to stop long march till ending govt


KHANEWAL, MAR 04 (DNA) — Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that their long march will not stop till ending the Imran led government.

Bilawal after reaching Khanewal addressed the party workers and participants of his Karachi to Islamabad long march on Friday evening. Just before his speech, a can-drone hit Aseefa Bhutto who got injured at for head and immediately shifted to Multan for medical treatment.

Bilawal told the workers that the daughter of Shaheed Bibi is so brave and willing to continue her journey with the workers in the long march. The PPP chairman said Prime Minister Imran Khan has killed the farmers financially and he is going to Islamabad to make him accountable for it so masses must support the long march.

He said this was announced by Imran Khan that the PM should be considered a thief and thug if prices of petrol and electricity hike in the country.  So now the people should stand up against PM Imran on price hikes and lies, Bilawal added.

Earlier, PPP Bahawalpur Divisional President Nawabzadi Saira Abbasi, leading a caravan, has joined the marchers near Khanewal. Speaking on the occasion, Saira said that the PPP’s march will send the government home.

After Bilawal’s speech, the caravan moved forward to Sahiwal where complete arrangements have been made to give a warm reception to the marchers. Camps have been set up at different places of the city while the sumptuous meal is also being cooked for the dinner.

From Sahiwal, the PPP workers and leaders, led by Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, will head to Lahore tomorrow (March 5) and will reach the city via Okara and Pattoki. =DNA