EU must formulate strict laws to curb anti-Islam substance: Gul


RAWALPINDI, NOV 26 (DNA) – Chairman Tehreek e Jawanan Pakistan and Kashmir (TJP) Mohammed Abdullah Hamid Gul has stated that the European Union must formulate strict laws to curb anti-Islam violence in the western countries.

 He expressed these views in his letter to Secretary General of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Norwegian Prime Minister and head of European Union (EU), strictly condemning the irreverence of Quran done in Norway.

He said that the blasphemy of the Holy Quran in Norway has hurt the sentiments of Muslim Ummah and the OIC should take serious notice of this incident in his running session.

“The sacrilege of religion in the name of freedom of expression is highly deplorable and the Western countries must take measures to prevent such shameful events and the EU must make strict laws to severely punish such people involved in disrespecting other religions and sacred beliefs,” he noted.

Mohammed Abdullah Hamid Gul who also leads Measac Research Centre (Think Tank) said that we respect all religions and demand from the global community particularly EU and the western countries to ensure effective legislation against blasphemy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Quran.

He said that Islam is the religion of love, brotherhood and world peace, however, the heads of Islamic States and governments including Pakistan should raise the issue of dishonor of the Quran in Norway.

He said the immediate notice of Prime Minister Imran Khan on the issue was the prime duty of the Islamic Welfare State.

“Pakistan and its people cannot tolerate anti-Islam activities and disrespect of Qur’an in any country of the world. The narrative attached with Islamophobia is a threat to world peace,” he said.

The notice of such events has to be taken and legislation should be put in place to prevent such incidents and strict action should be taken to make the violators of religion a symbol for others who did so, he added.

While he added that the United States statement on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is an interference into the internal matters of Pakistan whereas Pakistan is an independent country, it does not require any dictation, he added.

The United States statement, he said has revealed the typical imperialistic mindset and its goals in the region before the world.

“The need to understand the goals of the colonial powers in the present era is greater than ever. The United States should respect Pakistan’s economic, political and regional sovereignty and refrain from interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs. America’s previous record of relations with Islamic countries is not good for reference.

It can neither be a good friend of any Islamic country, nor a well-wisher of any as what the United States has done in the past with all the Islamic countries, including Kashmir, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Palestine is known to everyone.

Pakistan should strengthen its foreign policy in line with prevailing challenges and scenario to take decisions in the National interest without anyone’s dictation and improve its relations with the neighbouring countries,” he noted. = DNA