Imam khomeini message on Al Quds day


TEHRAN, APR 26 (DNA) – Imam Khomeini’s initiative to raise the issue of Palestine as the main issue of the Islamic world and to introduce the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the International Quds Day.

  1. Explaining Quds Day as a global day for the victory of the oppressed over the arrogant of the world
  2. The double importance of this year’s Quds Day project in public opinion, media and cyberspace due to the spread of Corona Virus this year and the risks of holding rallies and demonstrations.
  3. The need to establish the Palestinian cause of freedom in order to preserve the honor and dignity of the world’s Muslims.
  4. Keeping the Palestinian cause alive and the need to confront global arrogance.
  5. Defending the oppressed people of Palestine as a religious duty since they are our religious brothers and sisters.
  6. The need to raise the obvious criminal measures of the Zionists and the violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to life and the right to self-determination, in public and international forums.
  7. The need for unity of the followers of all religions and Islamic sects to defend the Palestinian cause
  8. The need to de-legitimize the actions of the child-killing regime of Israel and its supporters including the US (selling armaments to Israel, providing political support for the Zionist regime in international organizations etc)
  9. The need to reveal and expose the expansionist conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and the supporters of the oppressive zionist regime to the public.
  10. The failure of the so-called Deal of the Century and Trump’s peace plan as a one-sided, oppressive and colonial plan
  11. The need to commemorate the martyrs of the resistance against global arrogance and world conspiracies, including: Imad Mughniyeh, General Qasem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandas.
  12. The need to publish materials produced in support of the Palestinian cause and resistance to global arrogance
  13. Strengthening the culture of resistance and martyrdom among the people, especially the younger generations, to stand against the oppression of the enemies of Islam and Muslims and to defend the land and dignity of Muslims.
  14. The need to put aside the differences between the governments of the Islamic countries and the unity of the Islamic rulers in order to drive the usurpers out of the occupied Muslim lands and to liberate the holy land of Palestine.
  15. The need to revive organizations made up of Islamic countries and to work in the form of international mechanisms to counter the conspiracies of Islamic enemies and to support oppressed Muslims in the world, especially the deprived people of Palestine.
  16. The need to support groups fighting for the liberation of Holy Quds and expelling enemies from Muslim lands, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and describing the efforts of these groups to resist the Zionists and the enemies of Muslims.
  17. The need for recalling the atrocities committed by the Zionists against the oppressed people of Palestine and defaming the Zionist regime in the public opinion and in the media.
  18. The need to plan the efforts of the Muslim and truth-seeking people of the region, including the people of Iran and Pakistan, for the liberation of Holy Quds and the revealing the criminal face of the Zionist regime, including by holding demonstrations and marches in previous years.=DNA
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