Iraqi MP calls for int’l campaign for removal of US sanctions on Iran


BAGHDAD, APR 19, – Iraqi lawmaker Hussein Arab stressed that thanks to the threat of coronavirus outbreak in the world, all efforts should be concentrated on lifting the US sanctions against Iran.

Speaking to media, Arab described coronavirus as a threat against all nations, saying due to cruel sanctions against Iran, this threat is more.

Thanks to its bitter experience of 13-year-old economic blockade, Iraqi nation is against any economic siege against other nations like Iran, he added.

Arab noted that humanitarian feelings and emotions should motivate governments and nations to stand against coronavirus.

He urged governments and nations who are claimant of progress and civilization to put into practice their claim with regard to Iranian nation who are exposed to US cruel sanctions.

Iraqi MP called for easing political disputes in favor of confronting coronavirus.

Referring to Iran’s positive position with regard to defending Iraqi nation, Arab said it is time to stand by Iran in this sensitive era to appreciate Iran’s amity with Iraq.