Taliban must not raise issues with delegation: Omar


Taliban must not raise issues with delegation: Omar

KABUL, Mar 29 (DNA): Afghan Presidential Advisor Waheed Umar on Sunday
asked the Taliban to introduce their delegation for intra Afghan talks
and stop making excuses. Addressing reporters here, he said the
government delegation was inclusive and was introduced.

Wahid Omar at a press conference on Sunday in Kabul responded to the
Taliban statement about the Afghan peace delegation being “against the
agreement between the Taliban and the US,” saying the Taliban must not
raise issues with our delegation, as we also can raise issues with

All the prisoners released at one time would be not possible, and there
are conditions, Omar said, adding that the delegation that has been
announced will represent “a united Afghanistan.”

Earlier, the Taliban has refused to negotiate with a team announced by
the Afghan government, the armed group’s spokesman has said, in a
potential setback to the next steps in the United States-brokered peace