The tax service is changing in favor of service orientation


Tashkent, Uzbekistan ,  MAY 31  — Restructuring begins in the system of tax authorities in Uzbekistan. The goal is to provide the highest quality service to taxpayers, thereby increasing the level of service orientation of the system and to facilitate the voluntary and comfortable fulfillment by taxpayers of their tax obligations. This was reported by the press service of the State Tax Committee.

Now tax administration of VAT payers, who are also payers of generally established taxes, is gradually moving to a new level.

At the first stage, a new service procedure is introduced in the city of Tashkent, Andijan and Surkhandarya regions, where payers of generally established taxes will be serviced already from June 1 in the regional departments and the city State Tax Inspectorate of Tashkent, respectively, and not in the district inspections, as it was before.

From July 1, 2020, in these three regions, full tax administration of this category of taxpayers will begin on the part of regional State Tax Inspectorates and the Tashkent city administration.

The recommendations of the International Monetary Fund experts indicated such optimization of the structure of the tax service and improvement of the network of divisions for organizing effective work.

In addition, the experience of creating the Interregional State Tax Inspectorate for large taxpayers at the STC has proved the feasibility of tax administration by a separate unit in an addressable manner in relation to a certain category of taxpayers.

In this regard, work began on the restructuring of the GNU in the regions: special departments are created to deal with the registration and return of VAT, measures are being taken to concentrate highly qualified specialists in generally established taxes in the data of the GNU, and all conditions are created for servicing taxpayers in both full-time and remote mode.

The new mechanism will help to improve the quality and speed of service and at times reduce the cases when the taxpayer does not receive a solution to his problem at the first appeal to the tax authorities and is redirected to a higher authority.

The work will be built targeted, with a clear distribution of responsibilities and a detailed study of each issue. High-quality service will enable taxpayers to timely and voluntarily fulfill their tax obligations.

In a word, all conditions will be created so that the taxpayer is always happy to contact the tax authority and can get detailed advice on all issues.

Restructuring will not require any additional actions from business entities. The transfer will be made by tax officials without their participation.

To date, the State Tax Committee has registered 96,130 entities as VAT payers. The introduced procedure will operate at the first stage in the city of Tashkent, Andijan and Surkhandarya regions and will affect 29,170 VAT payers (in total for three regions). Further, other regions will be gradually covered, and from October 1, this mechanism will be implemented throughout the country.