US trying to illegally absolve of Israel of its war crimes: Shtayyeh


RAMALLAH, NOV 19 (DNA) – Mohammad Shtayyeh Prime Minister of Palestine has said as the impeachment hearings are underway, the US administration is attempting to divert attention away from its own illegal conduct by absolving Israel of its war crimes as if it has the power to change the Fourth Geneva Convention and the law of occupation.

In 2016, the UN Security Council reaffirmed the flagrant illegality of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, something the US government had also established during the Carter Administration.

The Trump imperial presidency has shown little respect for international law, human rights, regional security, or even its own national interest in a stable Mideast free from the threat of terrorism and political violence.

While this latest move by the US administration is not unexpected to Palestinians, it will send shockwaves throughout the international order as it stands as a threat to the international legality and institutions painstakingly built since the end of World War II.