20 organizations honored for outstanding ecological practices on World Environment Day

20 organizations honored for outstanding ecological practices on World Environment Day

ISLAMABAD, JUN 4 /DNA/ – In celebration of World Environment Day, twenty organizations from around the country have been recognized for their exemplary efforts in promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. They awarded with the newly instituted “Pakistan Environmental Awards”, aimed at recognizing and appreciating the best environmental practices. The Awards highlight the innovative approaches and significant contributions made by businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions towards preserving our planet for future generations.

The awards ceremony was organized by the Decom-Pakistan in collaboration with the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA), Pakistan National Council of the arts (PNCA), different sub-national EPAs and industrial associations on Tuesday at the PNCA. The ceremony was overwhelmingly attended by a diverse audience including environmental activists, industry leaders, policy makers, and members of the public. The event was a testament to the collective commitment towards achieving a greener, more sustainable world.

The award winners included National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Punjab, Fauji Cement Company Ltd, Bestway Cement Ltd, Giga Group, Stary Hydro, Balochistan Rural Support Programme, Snow Leopard Foundation, Murree Brewery, PTV World Morning Show,  Centre for Climate Diplomacy, Pak-EPA, Mira Hydro, and Laraib Hydro Power.

Former Prime Minister Shahid Khqan Abbasi was the chief guest. The guests of honour included Ambassador of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Kistafin, Ambassador of Belgium Charles Delogne, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Netherlands embassy Hajo Provo Kluit, Pak-EPA Director General Farzana Altaf Shah, PNCA Director General Ayub Jamali.

Speaking on the occasion, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said Today, as we celebrate World Environment Day 2024, I am reminded of the immense beauty and richness of our natural heritage here in Pakistan. Our mountains, rivers, forests, and diverse ecosystems are not only a source of national pride but also vital to our health, prosperity, and well-being. Meanwhile, we cannot forget the havoc that we have played with our natural resources. We need to adopt best practices and put every effort for the restoration of the nature.

Belgian Ambassador Charles Delogne said: I would like to thank DEVCOM for inviting me to PNCA on June 4, 2024, for an award ceremony and conference to promote good practices in environmental protection. Climate change is a reality and people know it better in Pakistan than elsewhere. But this concept must not lead to a lack of responsibility. The environment is everybody’s business, and my field visits to Pakistan have shown that there is still a lot to be done, especially in waste management, air pollution control and waterways management. Devcom shows that with determination and creativity, one can achieve results very quickly. Congratulations to the winners.

Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed said Pakistan has achieved many milestones in the environmental compliance, conservation, and community engagement. That shall be mainstreamed to inspire more folks and industries to follow the restoration of land and natural resources. Pakistan Environmental Awards is an initiative to appreciate the environmental performance of industries and organizations.  

Ashiq Ahmed Khan brief the audience about the process of the selection of awardees. Among others who spoke at the conference of best practices and land restoration and drought resilience included Charles Delogne, Ambassador of Belgium to Pakistan

This year’s theme, [insert theme], resonates deeply with our ongoing efforts to address environmental challenges and foster sustainable development. It is a day to reflect on the progress we have made, acknowledge the challenges that remain, and renew our commitment to protecting our environment for future generations.

During my tenure, we took significant steps to promote renewable energy, enhance water conservation, and expand reforestation initiatives. These efforts were driven by a vision of a cleaner, greener Pakistan, where economic growth and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. I am heartened to see that this vision continues to inspire and guide our nation’s policies and practices.

However, the journey towards environmental sustainability is far from over. It requires the collective effort of every individual, community, and organization. Each of us has a role to play—whether it is through reducing our carbon footprint, conserving water, or supporting eco-friendly practices in our daily lives.

I urge all Pakistanis to take action, no matter how small, in contributing to this vital cause. Let us work together to ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a world that is not only liveable but thriving with natural beauty and resources.

On this World Environment Day, let us reaffirm our dedication to protecting and preserving our environment. Together, we can create a sustainable future for all.