313 innocent Palestinians martyred by Israeli forces: 350 Israeli soldiers die


Palestine health ministry updates:

More than 350 Israeli soldiers died, and more than 1900 Israeli soldiers and settlers were wounded, more than 345 of them in dangerous situation.
670 Israelis were lost, and dozens of prisoners from the Israeli army and settlers are between Palestinian freedom fighters’ hands .

Israeli collective punishment of the Gaza Strip by targeting homes and civilian buildings, cutting off electricity, and preventing the supply of fuel, gas, food commodities, etc. to the Gaza Strip.

313 Palestinian martyrs and about 1990 Palestinians were injured as a result of the Israeli bombing of areas in the Gaza Strip in an Israeli retaliatory response against Palestinian civilians.
More than 15 buildings were destroyed by Israeli Aeroplanes in Gaza, two of which include 100 apartments each.

Palestine requests urgent Arab League meeting

                RAMALLAH, Palestine ,):The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday requested an emergency ministerial-level meeting of the Arab League over the latest Israeli escalation.

In a statement, the ministry said it had directed “its permanent delegation to the Arab League to request an emergency meeting of the League Council at the ministerial level.”

This comes in light of “the escalation of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people,” it said.