8 girls among 10 kidnapped in 24 hours in Lahore


LAHORE – Ten girls, including 8 girls were abducted from different parts of Lahore during the last 24 hours. The cases of kidnapping in Lahore could not be stopped while the police registered separate cases, 18-year-old Mehwish and 17-year-old Aminh were abducted by unknown persons from the Liaquatabad area of Lahore.

In Kahna, young Malaika went to buy necessary house items from the market but was abducted at gunpoint. In another incident, Shahnaz’s daughter Zanira was abducted by unknown persons in the Johar Town area.

In another incident, Karim Bakhsh’s daughter Suraya was abducted in the Sunder area while Musarat Bibi’s daughter Shaheen was kidnapped in Chohang. On the other hand, Fauzia’s daughter was kidnapped in the Hanjarwal area and her husband was abducted by armed men, while a 24-year-old son of Allah Rakha who was mentally ill, was abducted in the Kahana area.

The incidents of abduction have created fear among the citizens of Lahore.