A Wake-Up Call: Ensuring LPG Safety Amid Rising Usage



Islamabad, July 11, 2024– In response to Pakistan’s increasing reliance on LPG due to natural gas shortages, bans on new connections, and soaring gas tariffs, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has organised a national seminar on “Safe Use of LPG – ‘Zero’ Fatal Accident.” The event was held at OGRA’s head office in Islamabad to address the need for enhanced safety measures.

The seminar was graced by senior officials from the Petroleum Division, Islamabad Police, Motorways Police, Civil Defense, and CEOs of leading LPG sector companies. OGRA Chairman Masroor Khan, along with Member Oil, Member Finance, and the Senior team of OGRA’s LPG and Enforcement Departments was present in the seminar.

Mr. Masroor Khan, Chairman OGRA, emphasized that the increasing use of LPG across the country, from urban centers to remote villages, underscores the urgent need for robust safety protocols. This seminar aims to address these safety concerns by bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, law enforcement departments, equipment manufacturers, and consumers to discuss and promote best practices in LPG usage.

Mr. Zain ul Abideen, Member Oil, pointed out that OGRA is actively engaging with provincial governments, conducting field inspections, and running awareness campaigns to curb illegal LPG activities.

Industry experts highlighted the importance of strict adherence to safety standards given the highly flammable nature of LPG. Speakers stressed the need to prevent dangerous practices such as:

  • Filling cylinders in cramped areas that hinder emergency services
  • Ensuring that only authorized distributors sell LPG cylinders
  • Prohibiting hazardous cylinder-to-cylinder transfers

The seminar represents a crucial step towards ensuring the safe usage of LPG and promoting compliance with safety standards across Pakistan. Together, we can prevent accidents and safeguard lives.

Imran Ghaznavi
Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority