A world within a world


By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The world of Metaverse is gradually gaining momentum. Eventually, we will be able to live in this augmented reality virtual world that will be accessible through our headsets. Immersive gaming has been a part of our society for years now – with the youth and adults enjoying playing games from various genres. The Metaverse, however, is a concept that encapsulates a greater deal of activities that we can perform in the virtual world. In the Metaverse we can purchase real estate, create scenes and games, express our thoughts through avatars, meet with remote colleagues, socialize, shop for real or virtual products, play games, attend events and conferences, and invest in digital artwork.

This seems to be akin to a page out of a science fiction book, but this is now a reality. Soon, corporate executives will not leave their offices or their cities and will sit together in the Metaverse in the virtual board room talking to each other’s avatars. Fortunately, or unfortunately, humans were being prepared to accept such a lifestyle in the virtual world when smartphones became a necessity.

Today, the smartphone and digital communication is used by students to complete their assignments, by executives to complete and share reports, to attend virtual meetings, to work remotely, and we all remain updated with news and information through news websites and social media. It seems we are already living in another world founded on the principles of digital media, communications, and networking. The physical contact has already become minimal. The Metaverse will send us into the virtual world with our surroundings becoming 3D and giving us the facility to change our theme and avatars. The future is digital, and we must remain prepared for it.