Afghan govt should announce military state: Marshal Dostum


KABUL, Aug 07 (DNA): Spokesperson of Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, Ihsan
Niro said that Marshal in his meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani
suggested the announcement of a military state in Afghanistan as the
Taliban have increased offensive.

Marshal Dostum met with the Afghan president in Presidential Palace
(ARG) and discussed the recent security situation in the Northern
provinces of Afghanistan. Dostum has recently returned from Turkey after
months of stay.

The meeting comes as Sheberghan province has reportedly fallen to the
Taliban but the Afghan government is yet to comment on the collapse. If
confirmed, this will be the second province being toppled by the Taliban
fighters in two days.

Dostum spokesperson in his video clip said that Marshal had effective
security schemes including the announcement of the military state which
has been welcomed by the Afghan government.

A statement released by Presidential Palace reads that President Ghani
has discussed the security situation with Dostum but has said nothing
about announcing the military situation.

The press release further reads that Dostum reiterated his support to
Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and also called on
nationwide unity in supporting the forces.