Afghan schools to reopen for boys, say Taliban


KABUL: All Afghan schools and Islamic seminaries for boys will reopen from Saturday, the interim Taliban administration has announced.

The order applies to male students and teachers from grade six and above, as those in lower grades were already told to return to school.

“All middle and high schools and formal madrassas have been notified of the start of their educational process on Sept.18,” it said.

“All male teachers and students must attend their educational institutions.”

The statement on Friday, however, made no mention when high schools for females would open. Girls in grades one to six had been allowed to resume classes before.

The acting government earlier said women in Afghanistan can pursue an education at all levels in any field, but classes will be segregated and there will be a compulsory dress code.

The Taliban did not allow girls to attend school during their first rule, which lasted from 1996 to 2001. They took power in Afghanistan again last month, and have formed a 33-member interim government, which is yet to be recognized by the international community.