Air pollution impact on vegetation in Pakistan student M.Phil botany

Air pollution impact on vegetation in Pakistan student M.Phil botany

M Bashir Farhan

Air pollution can have adverse effect on vegetation in Pakistan. Effect depends on the specific pollutants involved and their concentrations. Here are some ways in which air pollution impact on vegetation in Pakistan.

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) could be threat for photosynthesis the process by which plants make their food whenever photosynthesis will be reduced ATPs production will be reduced and it will lead to stunted growth and productivity.

Ground level ozone O3 a major component of smog it can lead to damage plant tissues and reduce growth. Symptoms on leaves include yellowing and stippling and can decrease plant ability to produce food through photosynthesis.

When sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide bond with each other lead to acid rain formation. Acid rain become threat for for soil pH harm and plant roots Some heavy metals are very toxic for plants such as lead, mercury, and cadmium deposited in to soil.

These metal become serious threat for plant growth and development. Plants also need to breathe When air will be polluted then airborne particulates matter and pollutants can clog stomata due to this the respiratory system of plant is disturbed.

Due to air pollution immune system of the plants is also disturbed pollution make it more susceptible to disease, pest and environmental stresses.

As plants are sensitive to pollution and air pollution lead to change the composition of plants plant have to tolerate that environment otherwise plant decline or die.

Air pollution can have significant economic implications, especially in agriculture. It can lead to food scarcity and economic losses for farmers.

Air pollution can disturb ecosystem by harming vegetation that are the main source of food and habitat and lead to disturbance in entire food web. Air pollution also show impact on desert vegetation. The deposition of pollutants effect their growth and health.Some air pollutants have the ability to disturb the reproductive systems of plants and lead to alteration in flowering and seed production.

Pakistan has taken steps to address the air pollution such as National environmental Quality standards (NEQS) and to produce air quality monitoring, effective enforcement and efforts to reduce emissions form industries and factories.

Raising public awareness and air pollution is difficult for promoting environmental protection and public health. Here are some ways to promote public awareness about air pollution in Pakistan

1) Educational compains.

2) School programs

3) Community workshops.

4) Air quality index information.

5) Public service announcement.

6) Partnership with NGOs.