AJK president slams world’s silence over Indian repression in IOJK


ISLAMABAD, DEC 28 (DNA) – The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has regretted the silence of the so-called human rights champion even after the Indian occupation army itself has confessed that it had killed the ordinary civilians in fake encounters in occupied Kashmir and declared them terrorists.

While reacting over the confession of the Indian authorities that three Kashmiri youth who were martyred in a fake encounter in Shopian district of occupied Kashmir in July this year, were not terrorists but the common civilians, the state president said that we already knew that most of the encounters taking place in the held territory were fake and staged in which the Kashmiri youth and the common civilians are killed by declaring them terrorists.

“Fake encounters in IOJK are a common, systematic occurrence. The Shoopian incident is being highlighted to give a false impression of the occupation army’s accountability. Such incidents are endemic especially during staged encounters, and cordon and search operations,” Khan said

He added that it was no longer a secret that the Indian Army was engaged in naked terrorism and ethnic cleansing of the innocent Kashmiri people in the occupied region. Masood Khan said that the daily life of the common folk in the held territory has been crippled at the hands of the aggressor and an alien army; all the civil liberties of the Kashmiri people have been usurped.

“The life in IOJK has despoiled, civil liberties have been stamped out, the will of a chained nation under brutal assault. Indian autocrats and fascists selling killings and plunder in the name of national interest. This must be stopped. This is every citizen’s responsibility.”

The AJK president lamented that the big democratic powers of the world have given up the concept of rule of law, and left the oppressed people at the mercy of oppressor and occupying powers which wanted to run the world as per their own dictates.

“World’s democracies are discarding the rule of law and are leaving oppressed nations at the mercy of autocrats and occupiers. They urge the world to accept this as a new normal. This new architecture of injustice will crumble down and a new order will emerge from its ashes,” he hoped.

The AJK President maintained that a new system based on greed, oppression and repression is being imposed on mankind because its perpetrators believe that they would succeed in establishing their evil empire on the bones of these oppressed people. Therefore, it is the foremost obligation of those who believe in justice, equality and the high human values, to rise up against this evil plan.

He regretted that the institutions responsible for the protection of human values and human rights in the world were doing nothing except for lip service. They are neither providing resources for the protection of peoples’ lives and rights in the world nor are they expressing any political will for the protection of human rights, and it appears as if the whole world order has come to a halt.

“World forums pay lip service to human values and human rights. They neither allocate resources nor demonstrate political will. We are facing a ‘crisis of insincerity’ globally. When it comes to addressing real crises, the international system clams up,” he concluded. = DNA