Alarming upsurge in terrorist incidents worrisome: PTI spokesperson


Lauds security personnel for foiling terrorist attack on Mianwali Air Base

Says govt with public mandate needs to formulate a national strategy to tackle terrorism

ISLAMABAD, NOV 4 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lauded the Pakistan army for thwarting a terrorist attack on the Mianwali Training Air Base of the Pakistan Air Force; however expressed deep concerns over the alarming upsurge in tragic incidents of terrorism across the country

PTI spokesperson said that the recent spate of terrorism incidents in different parts of the country during the past two days were a cause of great concern for the state.

He said that the security personnel deserved all credit for foiling the terrorist attack with timely action by risking their lives.

PTI spokesperson raised questions that the rise of new wave of terrorism in the country ahead of the forthcoming general elections gave rise to suspicions, insisting on devising an effective national strategy to rein in the incidents of terrorism and to avoid more disastrous consequences.

However, he made it clear that only the representative government of the people had the authority and mandate to take policy decisions after holding general elections on the country.

PTI spokesperson paid glowing tribute to the young men who fought courageously and sacrificed their lives for the cause of the country.=DNA