Aleem Khan to attend regional conference in Tajikistan

Aleem Khan to attend regional conference in Tajikistan

ISLAMABAD, MAY 26: Federal Minister for Communications Abdul Aleem Khan will represent Pakistan on a two-day international regional conference in Tajikistan on May 29–30.

China, India, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan have been invited in the conference, the aim of which is to establish a system connecting Asian and European countries with Central Asian states.

Aleem Khan was invited by the Tajik transport minister.

Expressing his thoughts, Aleem Khan said: “The construction of new highways will provide access to trade markets and ports.”.

“Pakistan will fully cooperate with Central Asian countries in developing a road network,” he added.

“Pakistan is already working on a road network project connecting Afghanistan, China, and Tajikistan.

The minister added that such projects will promote trade and cooperation between countries.

– Aleem Khan vows to ensure transparency in PIA privatisation process –

Separately, few days back Aleem Khan vowed to ensure transparency in the bidding process for the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Expressing his thoughts during the Senate session, Aleem Khan said: “The role of the government is to prioritise facilitation over business ventures. If the government is to engage in business, it would inevitably lead to the same outcomes that the country has encountered thus far.”.

“The PIA cannot run without privatisation. I do not want to indulge in blame games,” he said.