Alkhidmat Foundation president marks Eid with Gaza refugees in Cairo

Alkhidmat Foundation president marks Eid with Gaza refugees in Cairo

CAIRO, JUN 16: Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan President Dr. Hafeezur Rahman, marked Eid-ul-Zuha by celebrating with Gaza refugees in Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Rahman oversaw the distribution of sacrificial meat among the refugees, handed out gifts to children, and visited the wounded being treated in various hospitals.

Dr. Hafeezur Rahman announced that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is sacrificing 1,600 cows and 1,300 goats to support the oppressed Palestinian Muslims in Gaza. Specifically, 100 sheep will be sacrificed in Gaza and Al-Quds, 100 cows in Cairo, Egypt, and 1,500 cows and 1,200 goats in Karachi, Pakistan.

The meat was distributed immediately in Gaza and Egypt, while the meat from sacrifices in Pakistan was packed in tin containers and sent to Gaza.

“Eid is a festival of joy, and the people of Pakistan are remembering their Palestinian brothers and sisters during this festive season,” said Dr. Hafeezur Rahman. Alkhidmat Foundation has initiated sacrifices for the Palestinian families who fled Gaza and are now refugees in Cairo, with plans to continue this for the three days of Eid. The sacrificial meat will be delivered to the Gaza refugees’ residences in Cairo using chiller trucks. Alkhidmat Foundation volunteers in Cairo have completed their planning and will ensure the sacrificial meat reaches 2,000 Gaza refugee families living in Cairo. A grand feast is also being organized for Gaza refugees in Cairo.

During his visit, Dr. Rahman inspected the warehouse in Cairo and announced that the Alkhidmat Foundation has rented an eight-story residential building on the outskirts of Cairo to provide housing for Palestinian families for a year. The foundation has registered 2,000 families in Cairo and is providing accommodation and essential needs for 200 families.