Amb. Masood Khan calls for stronger US-Pakistan security, economic partnerships



WASHINGTON, Jun 28 (APP):Pakistan need sophisticated small arms and communication equipment to combat the growing terrorism, Ambassador Masood Khan has said, while calling for stronger US-Pakistan security and economic partnerships.

“This is crucial for regional security and opposing the rising tide of terrorism that also threatens the interests of the US and its allies,” Khan, the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., told the Annual Pakistan conference titled, ‘Looking Back, Looking Forward: Assessing the US-Pakistan Relationship” on Thursday.

The well-attended conference was organized by the Wilson Center’s South Asia Institute in partnership with the International Academy of Letters USA. Among those present were policy makers, scholars, intelligentsia, corporate leaders, members of think-tank community and Pak-American community leaders.

“Pakistan and United States should continue to invest in the reset of their relationship, maintain strong security links, enhance intelligence cooperation, resume sales of advanced military platforms and sustainment of Pakistan’s US-origin defence equipment,” he said.

The ambassador said that prospects of Pakistan-United States ties were bright, adding “We share values, our security and economic interests are interwoven, and it is the aspiration of our two peoples that strengthen our ties.”

Masood Khan said that they were developing a practical roadmap that would enable them to deepen their understanding and deliver security and prosperity for all.
“In this era of renewed strategic competition, the US and Pakistan will build on existing partnerships and explore new horizons for establishing the parameters of mutuality of interests,” he added.

“We should not base our engagement on incongruity of expectations. Our ties should be anchored in ground realities, even as we aim for stronger security and economic partnerships. Secondly, one or two issues should not hold the entire relationship hostage,” the ambassador said.

In this context, Ambassador Khan invited US investors and businesses to tap the country’s potential.

The ambassador pointed out that high-level defence talks, frequent meetings, military exercises, including ‘Inspired Union-2024,’ ‘Falcon Talon’ and ‘Red Flag’ that promoted defence cooperation between the two countries.

On fighting the scourge of terrorism, he apprised the audience that Pakistan had launched Azm-i-Istehkam to oppose and dismantle terrorist networks.

Outlining numerous areas of successful collaboration between Pakistan and the US, including energy, agriculture, climate change, healthcare, education, science, and technology, Ambassador Masood Khan expressed gratitude for the US assistance and ongoing partnerships while welcoming the launch of new initiatives in these fields.

He invited the attention of the participants towards huge investment opportunities in IT, energy, agriculture and minerals sectors.

“The SIFC-prioritized projects have opened up new opportunities to American technologies in agriculture, ICT and mining projects,” he added.