Amir Ali Ahmed chairs 58th meeting of CDA-DWP


ISLAMABAD, AUG 3 /DNA/ – 58th meeting of the Capital Development Authority DWP was held at CDA Headquarters under the chairmanship of Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed. The meeting was attended by officers from relevant departments. Several projects were presented for approval in the meeting, which were approved after a detailed deliberation.

According to the details, the Nilor Heights revised project was approved in the CDA-DWP meeting. One component of the Nilor Heights project is low-cost and the other is high-end.  The high-end category will cost Rs. 7000 per square feet. The project is being completed through FWO which was approved by the Federal Cabinet. Similarly, the Islamabad bus service project for the entire city of Islamabad was also approved in the meeting.  It will cost Rs 7240.62 million. This project will help in fulfilling future traveling needs in Islamabad. In this regard, 8 different routes were approved.

Moreover, the meeting approved the creation of Margalla Hill Sanctuary Park Islamabad after addressing the reservations of the Planning Commission.The project will be carried out in  collaboration of IWMB for the care and protection & preservation of flora and fona. It will be managed by IWMB. The meeting also approved PC-II  to hire consultants for establishment of Capital Medical College in Capital Hospital Islamabad.

Similarly, the plan for the development and implementation of E-Bidding in CDA was also approved.

 In the meeting of CDA-DWP, the road rehabilitation and widening project from Lahtrar Road from Pinstech Gate No.1 to Gate No.3 was also approved.