Ashrafi urges political dialogue for stability in country


LAHORE, Jun 18 (DNA): Special Representative on Interfaith Harmony and
Middle East and Central Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council Hafiz Tahir
Mahmood Ashrafi called upon political parties on Sunday to hold dialogue
for restoring stability and peace in the country.

Addressing a press conference at Baitul Aman here, he said investors
were ready to come to Pakistan, but they wanted peace in the country. He
said it was good that Pakistan’s relations with Russia and other
countries were improving.

He said the supremacy of the law required everyone to avoid playing with
the Constitution. The ulema of the country did not approve of political
fights, he added.

Expressing his grief over the loss of human lives in a boat, which
capsized near Greece, he said peace would have to be restored in
Pakistan if the youth were to be stopped from leaving the country for
some job opportunities in other countries.

He demanded the prime minister and the interior minister should take
action against those involved in sending Pakistani citizens abroad

He also appealed the chief justice of Pakistan to take suo moto notice
of such events. He also express condolences to those who lost their
lives in a bus accident near Kallar Kahar.

He said protests continued in the country throughout the year, but what
happened on May 9 was first incident of its kind. “Does anyone in anger
ever insult their martyrs,” he questioned.

He said the Army Act was not a new law and it had been in exercise for
years, adding that punishments were given under the Army Act during
Imran’s government also.

However, he added, all those not involved in any vandalism on May 9
should be released.