ATC grants bail to PTI activist Sanam Javed

ATC grants bail to PTI activist Sanam Javed

LAHORE, DEC 2: An anti-terrorism court judge granted post-arrest bail to PTI worker Sanam Javed on Saturday by not considering to the extent of bail arguments presented by the prosecution to establish allegations against her.

The PTI supporter has been accused of assailing cops, injuring them, creating a law-and-order situation and possession of petrol bombs during a police operation at Zaman Park.

As the proceedings commenced, the law officer informed the court that Sanam was named in the FIR based on a ‘zamni statement.’ He argued that the PTI activist’s call record confirmed her presence at Zaman Park during the operation.

More than 30 people sustained injuries, and 13 official vehicles were set ablaze during the operation, he argued. The officer further contended that the report of the polygraphy test on Sanam’s speeches and interviews is yet to be received.

Additionally, the law officer pointed out to the court that three petrol bombs were recovered from her possession. He emphasized that in cases where the accused was found in possession of petrol bombs, no one has been granted bail.

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The petitioner’s counsel expressed frustration, urging the court that the allegations against her “have nothing to do with reality”. He argued that his client was falsely implicated, solely to humiliate and embarrass her.

In response to the ATC judge’s inquiry about when the petrol bombs were recovered from the accused’s possession, the law officer stated that the bombs were found on November 16 from Zaman Park. He said the petrol bombs were discovered after digging a piece of land at Zaman Park.

“It is astonishing that the incident was reported on March 14, while the bombs were recovered on November 16,” the counsel for the accused petitioner pointed out. He highlighted that the law officer was discussing the recovery of petrol bombs from a venue that the administration had already cleaned up, and the bomb disposal had cleared the area.

The accused petitioner’s counsel argued that the “actual reason behind humiliating Sanam Javed was her criticism of [PML-N vice president] Maryam Nawaz on social media”.

It is pertinent to mention that the Racecourse police had registered an FIR against several accused, including Sanam Javed, for attacking police officials, setting police vans ablaze, injuring officials, creating law and order issues, causing anarchy and chaos, and engaging in arson during a police operation at Zaman Park.