Austrian Ambassador visits private college

Austrian Ambassador visits private college

By Faisal Munir / DNA

ATTOCK: Ambassador of Austrian to Pakistan Mrs Andrea Wicke visit to a Private College in Pindi Gheb Campus. The purpose of the visit was to provide opportunities to the talented students to pursue higher education in Austria on the basis of scholarship.

Malik Muhammad Ali Khan of Kot Fateh Khan, Director of Punjab College Khizr Abbas and Principal of the College Ehsan Danish welcomed the Ambassador of Austria and made her visit different parts of the institution. Ambassador Wicke met with a diverse group of students, each demonstrating an impressive understanding of their respective fields. Their proficiency in both theoretical concepts and practical applications left a lasting impression on the Ambassador. During his visit, he appreciated the facilities of the college and distributed prizes to students who excelled in various curricular and co-curricular activities.

Austrian Ambassador address to the college community, she commended the students for their dedication and commitment to their studies. I am impressed with the quality of education imparted in this college. The students are well-rounded and have a strong understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of their studies She added.

Mrs Andrea Wicke said that It is truly inspiring to see the level of understanding and passion displayed by the students here Their ability to grasp complex theories and apply them in practice is indicative of the high-quality education they are receiving.  Austria Ambassador  visit to the Punjab college in Pindi Gheb has sparked interest in promoting educational cooperation between Austria and Pakistan. She expressed his desire to facilitate cooperation between Austrian and Pakistani educational institutions for the purpose of promoting educational and cultural exchanges. I believe that strong educational partnerships can greatly benefit both our nations Austrian Ambassador stated. By sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices, we can help shape a brighter future for our students and our societies she added.

Ambassador Wicke said that as Punjab College Pindi Gheb students continue to strive for excellence, they look forward to opportunities to enrich their educational journey through international partnerships and exchanges.

During the visit, Ambassador of Austria, Mrs. Andrea Vicky, also announced the appointment of Mah Noor Sohail, a talented student who topped the medical field in the institution, as a one-day ambassador to the Austrian Embassy, while seeing the performance of the institution, in the educational institutions of Austria. He also assured to provide opportunities for higher education to talented students on the basis of scholarship.


Muhammad Faisal Munir – Correspondent

Daily Islambad Post & DNA