Azerbaijan embassy hosts grand National Day reception


Direct flights which started from Karachi, Lahore to Baku in March, 2022 (Islamabad to be started in coming weeks) is also another milestone that was achieved between Azerbaijan and Pakistan

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD:  Khazar Farhadov, Ambassador of Azerbaijan, while speaking on the occasion of the National Day of Azerbaijan said, that  May 28 is celebrated as the Independence Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic which was the first democratic secular republic in the Muslim East was established on May 28, 1918.

He said, the measures taken during Azerbaijan Democratic Republic were important in terms of establishing the foundations of independent statehood and determining the future direction of development. The establishment of democratic rights and freedoms, recognition of equal rights of all citizens regardless of ethnic and religious affiliation, giving women the right to vote even before many European countries, declaring the Azerbaijani language the state language, paying special attention to the development of education and culture, the establishment of the national army and security structures clearly characterize the scale, essence, and meaning of the policy pursued by the government of the Republic.

Ambassador Khazar said, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the people of Azerbaijan established an independent Republic of Azerbaijan based on the traditions of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Under the leadership of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, tremendous efforts were done and steps were taken to strengthenthe restored independence.

‘Today, under the leadership of President IlhamAliyev, the process of development of democratic, legal, secular state and civil society in the Republic of Azerbaijan continues successfully. These successes are reflected in all aspects of Azerbaijani people’s lives. As a result of the victory in the war the liberation of Azerbaijani territories from Armenian occupation in 2020, and the surrender of Armenia are natural consequences of Azerbaijan’s achievementsunder the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President IlhamAliyev’.

After the restoration of Azerbaijan’s Independence in 1991, Pakistan was one of the first countries recognized independence of Azerbaijan, he added.

Further dilating on the bilateral relations the ambassador said, Azerbaijan and Pakistan are bound by the relations of strong friendship, brotherhood and strategic partnership based on historical and cultural roots. The two countries have always supported each other both bilaterally and within international organizations.

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

The relations forged between peoples of both countries are among the primary factors conditioning our inter-state cooperation. It is pleasant that throughout these 30 years, Azerbaijan-Pakistan relations, underpinned by mutual trust and confidence, have developed exponentially, and new directions of our engagement have been identified. Today, the high level of political relations and mutually beneficial cooperation in the economic, defense industry, humanitarian and other spheres are gratifying.

Azerbaijan-Pakistan Intergovernmental Joint Commission and around 10 Joint Working Groups under this Commission serve the further improvement of the relations between brotherly countries.

He said, direct flights which started from Karachi, Lahore to Baku in March, 2022 (Islamabad to be started in coming weeks) is also another milestone that was achieved between Azerbaijan and Pakistan. It gives an impetus to further deepen people to people contacts with easily visa obtaining procedure, to increase number of tourist from both countries, as well as to serve to expand economic cooperation, increase trade and raise the level of relations between business communities of the two countries.