“Azerbaijan has rich electoral experience, along with significant success in various fields”: Ramin Gasimov


BAKU, FEB 08 –  Azerbaijan is a rapidly developing country. Azerbaijan has rich electoral experience, along with with significant success in various fields. I believe that Azerbaijan’s development would be accelerated after the parliamentary elections, political scientist working in Russia Ramin Gasimov told.

“The parliamentary and presidential elections in Azerbaijan have so far been distinguished with transparency. Observations also show that elections are always organized professionally, characterized with transparency of the election process and its compliance with all rules and procedures”, Gasimov emphasized.

He expressed his confidence that the Azerbaijani people would vote for worthy candidates in the parliamentary elections: “Quite a few candidates are competing for the deputy mandate. Many international and local observers will monitor the elections. There is also a democratic election environment in the country. All this gives us confidence that the parliamentary elections would be fair and transparent”.