Baluchistan is most important component of CPEC; Daroo Khan Achakzai


Quetta: /DNA/ – Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) have appointed Engineer Daroo Khan Achakzai as Chairman (Balochistan).  He also served before as President for the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the year of 2019 and also served as Director of the Balochistan Board of Investment (BBIT).

He has an extensive work experience in the field of trade and industry. 

Daroo Khan Achakzai told to media, the establishment of the PBF was much needed in Balochistan as there is a need to establish non political dialogue with the national and provincial stakeholders to expedite the issues of the Baluchistan trade and industry. 

We urged the Government to establish Chaman as a focal area for the trade towards Central Asian countries. 
He also said Balochistan is most important component of CPEC as this is the most deprived province of Pakistan. It is located at the eastern edge of Iran. It is geographically the largest of the four provinces with 347,190 sq km and equates to 42 percent of the total land area of Pakistan. The population density is very low due to the hilly territory and insufficiency of water and other human resources. It has 26 districts and the approximate population of Balochistan is about 15 million.
Balochistan is rich in natural resources. The economy is largely based on the production of natural gas, coal and minerals. The province’s natural resources significantly help meet the energy needs of Pakistan as a whole. Limited farming in the east and fishing along the Arabian Sea coastline are other forms of income and sustenance for the local population. Balochistan is very poor in basic education.
It is expected that 2.0 million people are expected to move to Gwadar within a span of 30 years. The port is not yet functioning, but noticeable signs of progress have been seen. Similarly, new residential areas, hotels, buildings, schools, hospitals and roads are indicative of modern trends. It is also expected to have a positive impact on the rest of the province, which has been neglected for a long time. Gwadar Port is a mega project of CPEC and a vast amount of investment is anticipated in both its infrastructure and extensions; he added.  
PBF Chairman (Balochistan) further told through CPEC,  Pakistan’s International role will be more prominent; as many regional and extra-regional countries will be joining CPEC; this will improve Pakistan’s international stature, our contacts and will create an aura of peace and stability in the region.