Beijing-Islamabad charity program supports children

Beijing-Islamabad charity program supports children

ISLAMABAD, JUN 04 (DNA) — Marking a significant milestone in its journey, the Islamabad China-Pakistan Youth One Heart Step and Cure Home (ICOSH) completed its first year of operation, successfully providing timely assistance to 65 critically ill patients, ensuring they have a safe shelter and adequate food. 

Alongside this, the initiative has provided long-term care to 15 orphans, bringing the warmth of a home into their lives, as well as regular educational support to another 20 orphans, including local curriculum and Chinese language classes, with a goal of fostering their integration into society and brighter futures.

Focused on assisting children orphaned by the 2022 floods, war orphans from the Kashmir region, and severely ill children residing temporarily, the project is a joint effort between the Beijing-based charity One Heart Sphere Charity Foundation (BOHS), the Islamabad-based volunteer organization China-Pakistan Youth Exchange Community (CPYEC), and the Pakistani non-governmental organization (NGO) Step and Cure.

Since its inception, ICOSH has worked to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable communities, particularly children, through a combination of Medicaid, educational support and social welfare programs.  The one-year anniversary celebration saw the children of the home presented with beautiful schoolbags, a symbol of encouragement and hope for their academic pursuits.

The recognition follows the award of “Small and Beautiful Project of the People-to-People Exchanges under the Belt and Road Initiative” bestowed by the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the China Association for NGO Cooperation in December 2023.

With a strong presence in Pakistan, ICOSH has been instrumental in day-to-day operations to ensure the well-being of the residents.  With plans for further expansion and enhanced services, ICOSH aims to continue its mission of bringing hope and healing to vulnerable children in the region, Gwadar Pro reported on Tuesday. — DNA