Belgian photo exhibition in Karachi



Karachi, Pakistan – The Embassy of Belgium in Pakistan is proud to announce the opening of “Belonging”, an extraordinary photo exhibition featuring the works of Belgian artist Wendy Marijnissen and Pakistani artist Malika Abbas. This exhibition is a highlight and the closing event of the Belgian Week, celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations between Belgium and Pakistan.

Venue: VM Gallery, Karachi

Opening: Friday 15/12/2023, from 17.00 to 20.00.

Exhibition: From 15/12/2023 until 30/12/2023 (from 11.00 to 19.00)

The exhibition, themed around the concepts of belonging, home, and identity, showcases a stunning interplay of light and shadow, reflecting on the universal experiences of loss, motherhood, and the essence of ‘home’. Wendy Marijnissen’s intuitive documentary style, developed over years of capturing life in various cultural settings, complements Malika Abbas’s deeply personal art, inspired by her experiences of loss and motherhood.

Supported by the Belgian FPS Foreign Affairs, the Flemish Government, the Pakistan-Belgium-Luxembourg-Business Forum and of course the VM Gallery, this exhibition is a testament to the enduring friendship and cultural exchange between Belgium and Pakistan.

We invite all friends of both countries and every art enthusiast to join us in experiencing this captivating exhibition, which not only highlights artistic mastery but also fosters a deeper understanding of shared human experiences across diverse cultures.