Better ties with Russia could’ve ensured cheap gas, wheat: Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD, May 07 (DNA): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran
Khan has said that better ties with Russia could have ensured cheap gas
and wheat for the country.

Imran Khan, while addressing a virtual session to address overseas
Pakistanis on Saturday, said that Pakistan’s foreign policy should be
designed in its own interests.

He paid tribute to the overseas Pakistanis for taking to the streets to
record their protests against the alleged foreign conspiracy against the
PTI government in the country.

“I am not against the United States (US). I have never been against the
US and Europe. I had good ties with Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the
Americans want to force others to follow their orders. One of our rulers
[Pervez Musharraf] had joined the war on terror after a threatening
call. We have nothing to do with the war on terror.”

“Our foreign policy should be designed in accordance with our national
interests. I wanted a foreign policy only in favour of Pakistanis. We
should not sacrifice our country for the foreign policy of any other

“We wanted cheap gas and wheat from Russia. Russia agreed to provide gas
and wheat at a 30 per cent lesser price. Our nation would get benefitted
through the cheap gas and wheat from Russia.’

Imran Khan said that the US had demanded military bases from Pakistan
once again but he rejected to fulfil its demand. “All problems had been
started after I rejected to give military basis to the US. Mir Jafar and
Mir Sadiq of Pakistan facilitated the US to topple our government.”

“For toppling our government, consciences of our lawmakers were bought.”
“An American ambassador had said that Pakistan will be pardoned after
the success of the no-trust motion. What have I done for which they are
offering pardon?”

“Corrupt rulers and murderers have been imposed on Pakistan. Imposing
such people is tantamount to insulting the future of the country.”

Slamming the present government over the rise in inflation, Khan said
that the prices of essential commodities and others are now soaring to a
record level as compared to the PTI government, whereas, power tariff
was also hiked.

He asked the overseas Pakistanis to raise questions from their
politicians. He said that overseas Pakistanis should write letters to
their politicians in foreign countries or run social media campaigns.

Imran Khan announced to give a call for Islamabad march after May 20. He
said that the whole nation is now standing firmly to say no to the
slavery and imported government.