Biden has blood of Gaza children on hands: Hamas


Netanyahu only succeeds in killing civilians

Foreign Desk

Beirut: US President Joe Biden’s hands are soaked in the blood of Palestinian children in Gaza, says a senior official of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Speaking at a press conference in Beirut on Tuesday, Hamas’s representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan said Washington was “orchestrating the aggression” against the besieged Palestinian territory.

“The hands of US President Joe Biden are stained with the blood of Gaza’s children,” he said.

He reaffirmed the resistance movement’s position on the “necessity of stopping the aggression against our people” by the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza.

“Our people are not awaiting temporary pauses that the occupation would violate with additional atrocities against civilians; rather, they are after a comprehensive halt to the aggression,” the Hamas official said.

He stressed that Israeli prime minister Netanyahu moves from failure to failure and “only succeeds in killing civilians.”

Hamdan further added that Netanyahu his cabinet  and his occupation army are “aimless and have no specific goals and approach” in Gaza.

“Netanyahu has only one option and that is to admit defeat and face his own fate accordingly,” he said.

Backed by the United States, Israel waged the war on Gaza on October 7 after Hamas-led Palestinian resistance groups carried out Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against the occupying entity in response to the Israeli regime’s decades-long campaign of death and destruction in Palestine.

The Israeli aggression has so far killed nearly 21,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children. Nearly 55,000 people have also been wounded while many bodies remain trapped under rubble.

The senior Hamas official also praised the position of Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement “in their support for their brothers in Gaza, and the continuation of a global mass movement in solidarity with Gaza.”

Hamdan described the US escalation in the Red Sea as an “overt effort from Washington to shield the occupation and allow it to persist in its genocide war,” and said the US escalation was a “comprehensive plan” aimed at “expanding the circle of fire.”

Moreover, Hamdan called on the international community to continue their solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

The Hamas official appreciated the support of certain European nations in condemnation of the actions of the Israeli occupation, calling on them to take a unified stance under the European Union to stop the aggression.

Hamdan also warned European countries against complying with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plot of “voluntary migration” of Palestinian people in Gaza.