Bilawal vows to abolish 17 federal ministries if PPP voted into power


NAWABSHAH: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Monday vowed to abolish 17 federal ministries if his party elected into power following general elections to save taxpayers’ “Rs300 billion”.

Addressing a public gathering in Nawabshah, Bilawal said the 17 federal ministries should have been devolved to provinces after the 18th Constitutional Amendment, Geo News reported.

The PPP chief said Rs300 billion was spent on the ministries and an Rs1,500 billion subsidy was given by the government to the “elites” in various sectors including energy, fertiliser and others.

Bilawal said his party would end the subsidy for elites to provide funds to labourers and farmers through cards, he said.

The 18th Constitutional Amendment was passed on April 8, 2010. It devolved multiple federal ministries and powers to provinces. It divested the president of all his executive authority and made him a ceremonial head of the state.

Calling the youth the future of the country, the PPP chief said old politicians are a thing of the past.

Bilawal said the country’s issues could be resolved by burying the politics of “hatred and division”.

He highlighted that the country is facing enormous challenges related to the economy and climate change.

Pledging to provide Pakistani youth employment opportunities abroad, the PPP chief said as a foreign minister he took measures to provide youth with overseas jobs.

Referring to the PPP’s slogan of “roti, kapra aur maqaan” (bread, clothes, and house), Bilawal said that the people in the past may not have needed these basic necessities as much as they needed them today.

“10 years ago a family could make both ends meet in Rs35,000 salary, but in the current economic situation a family needs Rs70,000 salary [per month],” he added.

Bilawal said the incoming government should take the responsibility of doubling the salary in five years to match the inflation.

He said if the PPP came into power, they would introduce Haari Card for farmers, Mazdoor Card for labourers and Nojawan Card for youth. Through Haari Card, farmers would be given subsidy instead of mill owners, he added.

“Through the Youth Card, we will give financial aid to the youth searching for a job,” he said.