BJP, its proxies peddling anti-Muslim narrative

BJP, its proxies peddling anti-Muslim narrative

ISLAMABAD, APR 29 (DNA) — National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah criticized the Hindu fanatic organization and its proxies’ saying that its organs are carrying an anti-Muslim narrative in the election campaign.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the NC chief taunted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his speech in which he equated Muslims as infiltrators.

Addressing a workers’ convention organized by In Charge Constituency Chanapora Mushtaq Guroo. Dr Farooq said, “INDIA bloc will win all six Lok Sabha seats in Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. BJP has developed cold feet and has opted out of the race sensing an imminent drubbing at the hands of the National Conference.

It is hiding behind its proxies but that won’t work. Be it Lok Sabha elections or assembly polls, new records are being made due to your hard work. I am happy to see your enthusiasm but seeing your enthusiasm, other party leaders develop cold feet.”

He added, “BJP has not been able to win hearts in Kashmir, decisions made in 2019 have angered and alienated people in the valley. The party has not left the field open. Some parties are being helped behind the scenes by the BJP. People need to know who is playing this game here. It will be known who is conniving with whom and who is involved in conspiracies against J&K, weakening the voice here and helping BJP to succeed.” — DNA