Bosnian foreign minister praises Türkiye’s role in Balkans

Bosnian foreign minister praises Türkiye's role in Balkans

BELGRADE, SERBIA , FEB 20 (AA/APP/DNA): Türkiye is an “important partner” for the entire Western Balkans and especially for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s foreign minister said.

Speaking to Anadolu on the sidelines of the 60th Munich Security Conference, Elmedin Konakovic said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish officials have been “true friends” of his country.

He expressed hope that Ankara’s relations with actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country comprising of two entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, could help with its integration into NATO.

According to Konakovic, Türkiye’s good relations with Serbia could also be of benefit to the Balkans region as Ankara plays a major role in relations between Sarajevo and Belgrade.

“I think that Türkiye’s relations with the countries in the Western Balkans will be beneficial and can help stabilize all events in the region,” he said.

Pointing to the long history of good relations between Türkiye and Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said:

“We see Türkiye not only as a partner but also as our friend.”