BREAKING NEWS: Over 13.35m people cast their votes in parliamentary elections


Tashkent, Uzbekistan (DNA) — As of 20:00 of 22 December 2019, at the time of closing of polling stations in Uzbekistan, over 13.355 million voters cast their votes in parliamentary elections.

According to the Central Elections Commission, 71.1% from 18.797 million people voted in the elections, held on 22 December 2019.

A briefing was held at the CEC International Press Center, which was addressed by the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mirzo-Ulugbek Abdusalomov.

He announced the end of voting in Uzbekistan and a number of foreign countries, informed about the preliminary turnout.

Thus, according to preliminary results of the vote, out of 18 million 797 thousand 810 registered voters, 13 million 355 thousand 911 people took part in the elections. In addition, 89 thousand citizens of the republic, who are abroad, used the right to early voting. Voter turnout was 71.1 percent, which, in accordance with current legislation (Article 96 of the Electoral Code), allows parliamentary elections in Uzbekistan to be declared valid.

Voting continues in some countries in Europe and the USA. Information on the voting results in these countries will be presented later.

The head of the CEC emphasized that successful elections are an important historical achievement of the Uzbek people, evidence of an increase in their socio-legal consciousness and culture, as well as political activity, another confirmation of their cohesion and agreement.

It was emphasized that the elections were a practical reflection of the support of the multinational Uzbek people carried out by the leadership of domestic and foreign policies, carried out fundamental democratic reforms.

The CEC Chairman congratulated the Uzbek people on the successful completion of the parliamentary elections. He said that voters, international observers and journalists have widely recognized the fact that the elections were held in accordance with national election laws, democratic principles of openness, publicity and transparency.

This was ensured by the participation of 825 international observers from 10 authoritative international organizations and about 50 countries of the world, 70 thousand observers from political parties, as well as 1,155 local and foreign journalists covering the election process.

Abdusalomov said the counting process is ongoing. Preliminary voting results will be announced on 23 December.