British Pakistani entrepreneur launches Trade Gate for economic revival, job creation in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, May 16 (APP):UAE-based British Pakistani entrepreneur Shakeel Ahmad Meer has launched Trade Gate in Pakistan and other countries to stimulate local economic growth, generate job opportunities, and achieve self-sufficiency.

Conceived by Chairman Shakeel Ahmed Meer of the Meer Group, Trade Gate is being launched in sixty cities and districts across Pakistan and multiple international locations including Dubai, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Its objective is to empower talent, businesses, and investors, offering training and assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs in effectively managing their ventures.

In an interview, Shakeel Ahmed Meer stated that the Trade Gate platform is designed to link potential investors, educated youth, and job seekers in managing diverse projects under the supervision of Meer Group experts. Its primary goal is to revitalize local economic growth, create job opportunities, and advance global sustainable development, ultimately achieving self-sufficiency in the country.

Shakeel said the initiative, launched as part of the Vision Pakistan project, aims to generate a minimum of one million dollars per city within six to seven months of operation. Its overarching objective is to establish a sixty-billion-dollar economy within five years.

The launch of Trade Gate, the latest venture by the Meer Group, signifies another triumph for Shakeel Ahmad Meer and his team, who remain at the forefront of local economic advancement. As this groundbreaking concept gains traction worldwide, the prospect of collective development and sustainable growth appears increasingly certain.

Shakeel Ahmad Meer emphasizes that Trade Gate is a win-win situation for all involved. Investors gain access to promising ventures, businesses acquire the resources they need to thrive, and job seekers discover fulfilling opportunities. It’s a recipe for igniting billion-dollar local economic growth, one community at a time.

A fresh perspective on the impact of Trade Gate: Many job seekers in the area will now have access to current opportunities, enabling them to excel and support local businesses. As a result, this talent pool is anticipated to attract additional investment, fostering a cycle of growth and economic prosperity.

Meer said, Trade Gate, a pioneering initiative aimed at global economic reform. This platform not only propels progress but also cultivates an interconnected network of investors, major projects, and job seekers, potentially injecting billions into local economies for sustainable, long-term growth.

Shakeel Ahmad Meer, Chairman of the Meer Group, asserts that the Trade Gate platform should be viewed as more than just a conventional platform; it acts as a catalyst for positive change. He emphasizes its ability to foster stronger connections among investors, businesses, and talent, essential for local economies to flourish and develop with the right momentum.

The unique aspect of Trade Gate lies in its ability to connect individuals with both capital and innovative ideas, enabling them to collaborate in bringing these ideas to fruition. Investors on the platform gain access to a wider array of vetted local business ideas, allowing them to invest in ventures and contribute to economic growth within their communities.

From time to time, Shakeel Ahmad Meer and the Meer Group collaborate closely in local economic development. Renowned for its diversified business portfolio, the Meer Group has consistently demonstrated loyalty to community growth. Interestingly, with support from the same company, Trade Gate emerged as a significant digital hub where digital natives converge to contribute to the development of a thriving local economy.