‘Bushra Bibi’s life in danger at Bani Gala’

'Bushra Bibi's life in danger at Bani Gala'

LONDON: Maryam Riaz Wattoo, the sister of former first lady Bushra Imran Khan, has claimed that her sister’s life is in danger at Bani Gala, where she is under house arrest.

Bushra, the wife of former prime minister Imran Khan, was placed under house arrest at her husband’s Islamabad mansion after she and her husband were convicted of graft allegations.

Khan and his wife were sentenced to 14 years in jail in a case that relates to accusations the ex-premier undervalued gifts from a state repository and gained profits from selling them while he held the country’s top office.

Wattoo told Geo News that she is very concerned about the safety of her sister as “Bushra has been treated badly by the jail authorities”.

She said the jail superintendent Adiala is responsible for the safety of Bushra but “evidence” shows that the jail authorities are failing in their duty.

Wattoo, Bushra’s younger sister, who is an educationist by profession and based in Dubai, said her sister’s daughter met her after more than 10 days and informed that Bushra was given “some weird, very strong-tasting food six days ago which has burnt her throat and stomach completely such that since last six days she has not been able to eat anything, has gone very weak and is not well”.

She claimed that the policewoman who gave her the food that day had been transferred since.

Wattoo said that no doctor was called in on time to examine her and the delay means that the impact would be diluted of what was given in good to her sister.

In a post on X, Wattoo also highlighted concerns for her sister.

She said: “No doctor has been called in for consultation. Mrs. Bushra Imran Khan was very healthy when she submitted herself for arrest. She has no diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or anything else.”

“Her fear is that she will be slowly made sick and then it will be announced that she died as she was sick and depressed. She passed the message that her faith is strong, Alhamdolillah, and she is enduring all this with a hope that this will lead to real freedom for our nation.”

“The family wants urgent permission to have Mrs. Bushra Imran Khan checked by a doctor appointed by the family. She should be taken to a hospital of our choice to conduct detailed health checks. Doctors appointed by the government can also accompany.”

Wattoo told Geo News she is appealing to Pakistan’s judiciary to take notice of what’s happening to her sister. “I call on Pakistan’s judiciary to take urgent action and look into our concerns.”