Call for Accountability: Stakeholders urged to pursue legal recourse for electoral concerns

Situation at borders won’t impact elections: PM Kakar
Situation at borders won’t impact elections: PM Kakar

ISLAMABAD, FEB 17 /DNA/ – The recently conducted General Elections in the country has been a step towards promoting democracy. Significant turnout from all segments of society, including both genders, has been acknowledged internationally. Post elections, it is imperative that all stakeholders realise that victory and defeat are inherent aspects of democratic processes.

Parties and individuals who harbor any concerns regarding electoral irregularities are encouraged to pursue legal recourse through the available channels. Pakistan’s legislative, judicial, and executive branches are resilient and stand ready to deliver impartial justice to all.

While peaceful protest and assembly are fundamental rights, any form of agitation, violence, or incitement for vigilantism will not be condoned and law would take its course without any hesitation.

Anarchy and disorder will not be tolerated at this crucial time. This only serves to advance the agenda for hostile forces, both domestic and foreign, to exploit and create grave law and order challenges.

The caretaker government implores patience, as political parties engage in consultations to form governments at both the federal and provincial levels, in accordance with democratic traditions and norms. We hope that this process concludes as early as possible with mutual understanding and respect.