CDA chairman visits various sectors, directs C-14 completion in 90 days

Chairman CDA

ISLAMABAD, Jun 01 (APP): Chairman CDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa and Inspector General Islamabad Police Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi visited Sectors C-14, C-15, C-16, and I-12, instructing that all infrastructure work in Sector C-14 be completed within 90 days.

Senior officers from CDA’s Engineering Wing accompanied the Chairman.

The CDA Chairman instructed that all infrastructure work, including culverts, sewerage, roads, and streets, be completed in Sector C-14 within next three months.

He highlighted Sector C-14’s unique and scenic location with easy access to Margalla Hills. He emphasized completing development work promptly so allottees can build their homes on their plots.

He directed the engineering wing to provide electricity to Sector C-14 by contacting IESCO immediately along with the development works. He further directed that third party validation of all development works should be done.

The Chairman also visited Sector C-16 and learned that work had begun on two sub-sectors but was halted for the past five months due to various reasons.

He instructed immediate resumption of development work in the sector, and directed that all development work, including roads, water supply, sewerage systems, and culverts, be completed within two months in Sector C-16.

Simultaneously, efforts should be made to provide electricity, and third-party validation of all development projects should be conducted.

Following Randhawa’s instructions, development work in Sector C-16 has resumed after a five-month hiatus. The contractor has initiated the work, and machinery has been mobilized on-site.

Chairman CDA also visited Sector C-15. He expressed his displeasure over slow pace of work and directed the contractor and the concerned officers to increase the pace of work.  He directed to increase machinery and workforce in the sector immediately.

He directed that a plan should be presented within a week to solve other issues including hurdles in the development of the sector. He directed that the development work in Sector C-15 should be completed within five months.

Chairman CDA  along with Inspector General Islamabad visited Sector I-12 . He directed that the work of shifting garbage from the dumping site in Sector I-12 should be started.  He also inspected other construction works of the sector and lauded the efforts of the engineering wing on the speed of work.

He directed that action should be taken against illegal encroachments from Sector I-12 and all encroachments from the sector should be removed within a week.

On the direction of Chairman CDA Muhammad Ali Randhawa, the work of shifting of garbage from the Sector I-12 dumping site has been started so that the I-12 Markaz can be fully developed.