CDA expedites action against non-conforming use


ISLAMABAD, DEC 2 (DNA) – Capital Development Authority (CDA) has expedited action against non-conforming use. Operations are being conducted against the all those premises which area violating the rules and regulations by using the premises other than the purpose of their allotment.

In this connection, Building Control Directorate along with other concerned formations with the collaboration Islamabad District Administration ICT and Islamabad Police has accelerated action against non-conforming use in different areas of the city.

In this context, an operation was conducted on Monday at Markaz G-9, and a plaza constructed on plot N0.9 was sealed.

The plot was basically allotted for clinic purpose, however, the premises were being used for other commercial purposes and different businesses were being operated in violation of by-laws.

During this operation, Punjab Cash and Carry, Punjab Pharmacy, Simrons ladies gym, First Women Bank, a telecom franchise and nine other shops being operated in the plaza other than then purpose of allotment of the said plot were sealed.

The premises were sealed earlier and later on de-sealed on undertaking submitted by the owner of the plaza regarding removal of non-conforming use. However, after few months the premises were again being used for other commercial activities instead the purpose of allotment and action was taken on Monday.  

Similarly, several shops were also sealed in plaza constructed on plot No. 21-B which was basically allotted for hotel purpose but commercial activities other than the purpose of the allotment were being carried out. Moreover, basement of Miraj Hotel markaz G-9 was also sealed on account of non-conforming use.     

It is pertinent to mention here that CDA through notices both individually and through newspaper informed/warned the owner of such premises which are being used other than the purpose of allotment in violation of Islamabad Residential Sectors Zoning (Building Control) Regulations-2005 and CDA ordinance 1960, must bring back the premises into conforming use  failing which CDA would take stern against including sealing of the premises as well as cancelation of allotment and imposition of fines.

In the meanwhile, Enforcement Directorate of the authority in continuation of ongoing anti-encroachment drive carried out an operation against illegal constructions and Encroachments and demolished a house comprising upon six rooms and two boundary walls constructed illegally on the right of way Kashmir Highway.

Moreover, notices were also given to four houses where families were residing to vacate the premises by Tuesday, failing which authority will take action and illegal constructions would be demolished on the risk and cost of the violators.=DNA