CDA to launch high quality bus service for Islamabad citizens


ISLAMABAD, JUL 27 /DNA/ – An important meeting was held on Tuesday under the supervision of Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed in which all the board members participated. The project summary will be sent to the Federal cabinet for final approval

To provide modern and quality travel facilities to the citizens of Islamabad, the CDA administration is considering a project in the federal capital called “Islamabad Bus Service” which will be launched after final approval of the Federal Cabinet.

Initially 30 buses will be added to the project, the number of which will be increased soon. The service will start from “Soawn Interchange to Faisal Masjid”, “Bhara Kahu to Faiz Ahmed Faiz Metro Bus Station” and “Tarnol Railway Stationto N-5 Metro Bus Station”, there will be 64 stops (stations) on the routes, modern and strict security arrangements will be made at every bus stop (station) with tuck shop and public toilets

It should be noted that all the buses will have air conditioning and each bus will have a seating capacity of 70 people, while the buses will also include priority seats for women and special persons. From Monday to Friday 6:30AM to 9PM, while on Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to 10PM, the times of which will soon be changed according to the public needs.

Separate parking areas and depot will be constructed for the three bus routes, besides filling stations for buses will be set up which will benefit the general public besides refueling the buses.

In addition, sign boards for advertisements will be installed at every bus stop (station) which will help the company to collect revenue.

The CDA administration will purchase buses, build bus stops (stations), renovate them, build depots and parking areas, while the project will be overseen by the Metri Command and Control Center. The project will be open to the public by December after formal approval by the Federal Cabinet.=DNA