CDA’s Building Control Authority department received 38 mln revenue in July 2021


ISLAMABAD, AUG 8 /DNA/ – The Building Control Authority Department of the Capital Development Authority has received 38 million 362 thousand and 612 rupees in July 2021 this year.

According to the details, the CDA’s Building Control Authority Department  released 11 completion certificate to residential buildings in July after completion and thorough inspection in which 716,387 rupees was received, as well as two commercial buildings in 7230,790 rupees, for approval of eleven residential buildings in 150,150 rupees, in addition 29,274,925 rupees received for issuing NOC to 33 commercial buildings, In the matter of issuing NOC to residential buildings 990,360 rupees was received from the owners and developers. It should be clear that in the month of July 2021 CDA’s building control authority department  Received 38 million 362 thousand and 612 rupees for issuing certificates and NOC’s to different owners and developers.