Chairman PRCS Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari visits Qatar Red Crescent headquarters in Doha


ISLAMABAD, MAY 17: /DNA/ – Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent Society Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari visited the Qatar Red Crescent Society headquarters in Doha on Thursday. He was warmly received by Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) Secretary General, Faisal Mohamed Al-Emadi, and the head of programs.

Chairman PRCS Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari held talks with the top officials of QRCS. The meeting shed light on bilateral humanitarian relations and the current humanitarian picture across the region.

Speaking on this occasion, the Chairman highlighted the steadfast support from brotherly Qatar through both good and challenging times. He praised the Qatar Red Crescent Society’s relentless dedication, which has been crucial in their collaborative efforts to address major crises in Pakistan. He specifically mentioned the consistent and invaluable assistance provided by QRCS during the 2022 monsoon floods, which significantly helped affected communities nationwide. With the support of Red Cross and Red Crescent partners, PRCS reached millions of flood-affected people and is now engaged in extensive recovery efforts for these communities.

QRCS Secretary General, Faisal Mohamed Al-Emadi, remarked on the long-standing, time-tested relationship between Pakistan and Qatar. He emphasized the historical depth of PRCS and QRCS collaboration over the decades. Al-Emadi commended the exemplary services rendered by the PRCS and expressed appreciation for Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari’s leadership in advancing humanitarian initiatives. He also affirmed the commitment to extend all possible cooperation from QRCS.

Chairman Laghari expressed his desire for the Qatar Red Crescent to reopen its delegation office in Pakistan, as it had in the past. He also extended an invitation to the President of QRCS to visit Pakistan and the PRCS National Headquarters.

The PRCS and QRCS signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to advance cooperation in disaster management, youth engagement, health and care, climate change, and other humanitarian efforts. The two sides also signed an agreement regarding the 2024 sacrifice (Qurbani) project. This MoU aims to strengthen their collaboration in delivering efficient humanitarian services to vulnerable communities.

The MoU was signed by the Secretary General QRCS Faisal Mohamed Al Emadi, and the Secretary-General PRCS Muhammad Abaidullah Khan, in the presence of the Chairman PRCS Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari.

Chairman Laghari and Secretary General Khan also toured QRCS’s Disaster Management and Information Center, where Mr. Al-Emadi provided an overview of QRCS global projects and programs. Key QRCS officials, including Head of Relief and Disaster Management Subhi Fahid Ejjeh, Director of Relief & International Development Sector Dr. Mohammed Salah Ibrahim, and Head of Planning & Studies Aiham Ismaiel Sukhni, attended the meeting.

Mr. Al-Emadi briefed the PRCS delegation on QRCS’s capacity-building initiatives, training personnel for deployment in various countries to support other National Societies in disaster management, WASH services, health care and rescue.

The visit concluded with an exchange of commemorative shields and souvenirs between PRCS and QRCS.

On this occasion, Chairman PRCS Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari also shared his impressions in the visitor book at the QRCS headquarters.