Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani Concludes Successful Four-Day Visit to China


Islamabad; 26 Oct 2023: Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, along with Senators Dilawar Khan, Faisal Saleem, and Abdul Qadir, has completed a highly productive four-day visit to the People’s Republic of China. The visit saw the Chairman Senate engage in a series of meetings, discussions, and significant events, further strengthening the diplomatic and economic ties between Pakistan and China.

During the visit, the Chairman Senate held crucial meetings with notable Chinese dignitaries and officials. Notably, he met with Wang Huning, the Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), high officials of the MCC (China Metallurgical Group Corporation), and the Chairman of the China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA), Luo Zhaohui.

Chairman Senate also played a pivotal role as Chief Guest and delivered an inspiring speech at the International Symposium held in Beijing, commemorating the 10th Anniversary of China’s Principle of Amity, Sincerity, Mutual Benefit, and Inclusiveness in Neighborhood Diplomacy.

In his speech, Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani emphasized the significance and implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions in addressing the issues in Kashmir and Palestine. He condemned the Israeli atrocities in Gaza and thanked China for supporting the Palestinian cause. He called upon the international community to support the cessation of hostilities and a transparent peace process, ensuring the realization of a two-state solution for Palestine. Chairman Senate also highlighted the plight of the Kashmiri people under Indian illegal occupation and urged the need for a peaceful resolution based on the UN Security Council resolutions, granting the right to self-determination to the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

During his speech, Chairman Senate advocated for dialogue over conflict and encouraged the international community to embrace unbiased intermediation and economic cooperation as the means to resolve global issues.

Additionally, Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani expressed gratitude for China’s invitation to the Pakistan Prime Minister for the 3rd Belt and Road Forum, emphasizing the strategic importance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as a flagship project under the Belt and Road Initiative. He encouraged more Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Chairman Senate held a significant meeting with MCC (China Metallurgical Group Corporation), focusing on enhancing cooperation in the mineral sector. This meeting resulted in substantial developments and promises of continued partnership, underscoring the vital role of mineral resources in Pakistan’s economic growth. Chairman Senate extended a heartfelt invitation to the MCC delegation to visit Pakistan, acknowledging their role in transforming projects into prosperous endeavors.

The meeting witnessed the proposal of an innovative project in Chagai, operating under an Export Processing Zone (EPZ), which promises to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s economic development. The MCC delegation expressed their commitment to invest further in the mineral sector, particularly in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In another important engagement, Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani led a high-level delegation to the China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) headquarters in Beijing. The discussions with CIDCA Chairman Luo Zhaohui focused on strengthening bilateral ties and fostering cooperation between Pakistan and China.

Chairman Senate expressed gratitude for China’s support in Pakistan’s developmental efforts and discussed the collaboration in constructing the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) headquarters in Islamabad.

Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani’s visit to China has further solidified the strong and enduring partnership between the two nations, enhancing cooperation in various sectors, from diplomacy to economic development.