Charter of Economy is indispensable for solving economic problems: President ICCI


ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari has said that former president and co-chairman People’s Party Asif Ali Zardari’s statement regarding the Charter of Economy among all political parties is a very welcoming initiative. For the past one year, as the president of Islamabad Chamber, I have put this demand on every forum. The business community of the federal capital strongly supports this proposal. The former president’s address to the business community in Lahore is a reflection of the true understanding of the country’s economic problems. The former president’s proposal to give the most important ministries related to the economy to people associated with the business community is also a step towards solving economic problems. The proposal of cotton cultivation in Jhal Magsi area of Balochistan can be a milestone for achieving quality production as well as restoring peace and order in the province.

On Saturday, In his reaction to former President Asif Ali Zardari’s address to the business community in Lahore, he said that the lack of long-term planning and lack of continuity of policies is the main reason for the economic problems that Pakistan is facing today.The former president offered the business community that he is ready to strike a deal with all political parties on the issue of economy, which is very welcome. The People’s Party is the largest political party in Pakistan and the second largest party in the current coalition government. The offer made by the former president should be taken seriously by other political parties including PML-N, PTI. Grand National Dialogue on the issue of economy needs time.

Islamabad Chamber being the representative chamber of the federal capital and the country is ready to play its full role including hosting. He said that the former president suggested that the ministries related to the economy, including the Ministry of Finance, Textiles, Commerce and others, should be given to businesspeople. In fact, this proposal is a viable step towards solving economic problems. The businessman understands the country’s economy the most and his stake is also the highest. The People’s Party made this proposal a part of its economic manifesto in the light of the former president’s statement.

He said that Balochistan has been suffering from unrest for a long time. In his address, the former president suggested cotton cultivation in Jhal Magsi. With the implementation of this proposal, while on the one hand Pakistan will be able to get quality production of cotton, it will also provide a strong foundation for preventing terrorism and insurgency in Balochistan.

When young people find positive activities, they will stay away from other negative activities. He said that the former president’s vision regarding regional connectivity is commendable. The Pak-Iran gas pipeline can be the best alternative to solve energy problems. The government should take steps for the immediate completion of this project.