Chief Collector Customs Appraisement interacts with SCCI members


SIALKOT, May 24 (APP):Chief Collector Customs Appraisement (Punjab) Lahore Saima Shehzad, along with Collector Customs Sialkot Saima Aftab, visited the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) on Friday for foster cooperation of the business community and addressing customs-related challenges to bolster regional trade.
SCCI President Abdul Ghafoor Malik, Senior Vice President Wahub Jahangir, Vice President Amer Majeed Sheikh, and Dr. Mariam Nouman, president of the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCIS), welcomed the officials. In a meeting held at the SCCI Auditorium, the SCCI president apprised Chief Collector Saima Shehzad of the hurdles confronting local businesses. Highlighting Sialkot’s pivotal role as an export hub, he emphasised the city’s contribution to foreign exchange earnings and national economic prosperity.
President Malik lauded SCCI’s pioneering efforts in fostering a culture of export promotion and community development. Notable initiatives spearheaded by the SCCI, including the establishment of Sialkot Dry Port, Sialkot International Airport Limited (SIAL), and AirSial, were hailed as milestones in the city’s progress.
During the dialogue, the SCCI president delineated several challenges faced by Sialkot’s business community, including delays in duty drawback payments, impediments to importing polyurethane under SRO 492 for the football industry, and issues related to various customs schemes and procedures.
Assuring prompt redress, the chief collector affirmed her commitment to resolving the highlighted issues. Recognising the pivotal role of Sialkot’s business community in national economic growth, she pledged to streamline customs processes for smoother trade operations.
The meeting, attended by representatives of the Sialkot business community, underscored the collaborative efforts aimed at addressing pertinent trade concerns.
Earlier, Chief Collector Saima Shehzad conducted a visit to the Collectorate of Customs Sambrial Sialkot, where discussions were held with customs officials, exporters, and stakeholders from various trade-related entities. Concerns raised during the interaction, including high transport costs and issues of double duties, were met with assurances of swift resolution and proactive engagement with relevant authorities.
The chief collector reiterated the importance of transparent communication between customs authorities and stakeholders, emphasising the need for timely settlement of government dues and prompt reporting of recoverable arrears.
The visit underscored the commitment of customs authorities to facilitate trade and address the concerns of the business community, reaffirming the importance of collaborative efforts in driving economic growth and prosperity in the region.