Chief Justice LHC blasts Punjab Police over its ‘illegal acts’


LAHORE : Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday blasted Punjab police over the illegal acts committed by the police officials.

Chief Justice Qasim Khan while hearing a bail plea of a woman booked in drug case ordered release of the accused on deposit of Rs one lac security bonds.

“They have paralyzed the judicial system, every day cases of lawlessness of police officials surface before the judiciary,” the top judge said.“The rules not made to protect misdeeds of police,” Justice Qasim Khan said.

“Police has registered a case of recovery of two kilo hashish from my client,” the counsel of the accused said. They have booked her in a cooked up case, the counsel further said.

Referring the arrest of the key accused of Lahore Motorway rape case, chief justice said that a statement of the father of Abid Malhi said that he has himself produced his son to the police. “They have reached to the extreme in their illegal actions across Punjab,” the chief justice remarked.

“When a court bailiff raid the police, they tamper dates describing arrests in previous dates,” Justice Qasim Khan said. “They are resorting to this because a poor person could not arrange forensic of police computers,” the justice remarked.

“Give me five police stations all their misdeeds will surface with forensic test,” the chief justice said. “The court will not leave the I.G. Punjab, if their ill intentions proved,” the justice further said.