China Culture Center in Pakistan is Celebrating its 7th Anniversary


ISLAMABAD, APR 20 /DNA/ – China Cultural Center in Pakistan celebrating its 7th anniversary on April 20 2022. Seven years ago today, on a state visit to Pakistan President of the People’s Republic of China H.E Xi Jinping, and Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif, jointly inaugurated the China Cultural Center in Pakistan at Prime Minister’s Office in Islamabad. The China Cultural Center has since been officially inaugurated.

The establishment of the China Cultural Center in Pakistan marks as an important milestone of the further deepening of bilateral relations between China and Pakistan, aiming to strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries and enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the people of China and Pakistan. Since the establishment of the center, it has actively carried out various cultural activities including different types of theatrical performances, visual art exhibitions, teaching and training, and lectures. China Cultural Center in Pakistan has successfully organized more than 30 large-scale offline exhibitions and more than 200 online activities.
 “China-Pakistan Friendship Retrospective Photo Exhibition”, “Beautiful China Photo Exhibition”, “The Belt and Road in My Eyes-Pakistani Student’s Painting Competition Exhibition”, etc organized by CCC attracted more than 200,000 people. More than 30 grand theatrical performances such as “Happy Chinese New Year”, “China Tourism and Culture Week”, and “Mid-Autumn Festival”, attracted more than 100,000 audiences. Eleven training and teaching activities such as Chinese martial arts, Chinese cooking classes, Chinese paper-cut art, etc witnessed the participation of more than 3000 people. 

China Cultural Center in Pakistan also participated in the “8th and 9th National Book Festival” of Pakistan displaying Chinese cultural elements. Pakistani President H.E Dr. Arif Alvi also visited China Cultural Center in Pakistan’s stall and highly praised the friendship between China and Pakistan. The two National Book Fairs attracted more than 500,000 people. China Cultural Center in Pakistan organizes series of “Happy Chinese New Year” each year bringing the local community together. Series of lectures such as “Traditional Chinese Medicine”, “One Belt One Road”, and Chinese and Western art exchanges and mutual learning are organized in the Pakistani universities. These activities helped to provide interaction opportunities for teachers and students, gaining good results.
To recall our seven-year journey, China Cultural Center in Pakistan will launch the “Beautiful China in Postage Stamps” photo exhibition, “Meet Hebei”, “Great Laborers” art exhibition, “Chinese Solar Terms”, “Poetic Life-Handmade in China” (8 issues in total) and other online activities.
In the future, the China Cultural Center in Pakistan will effectively utilize center’s social media platforms and various resources to narrate China’s story, spread Chinese voices, make positive efforts to spread excellent Chinese culture, strengthen cultural and tourism exchanges between two countries, and opening a new chapter of China-Pakistan friendship.