China’s Model of Development: Lessons for Pakistan


Ambassador® Syed Hasan Javed

Brief Introduction of the Book

The Book gives an eye witness account of China’s astounding transformation from 1979 to 2019, with a Postscript on how China dealt so successfully with Corona Virus Pandemic in 2020. The Author has spent a decade in China in two diplomatic assignments in Pakistan Embassy in Beijing during two epoch making eras of 1980-1987 and 2001-2003. He has also visited China subsequently more than a dozen times. He has witnessed personally from Ground zero and the vantage point of Beijing, as to how the Reformist leadership under Deng Xiaoping confronted the deep rooted challenges of the Centrally Planned Economy’s transition to Socialist Market Economy. The Book lists the hard decisions, Comprehensive Reforms and Policy Initiatives that permeated all sectors of Chinese life, society, governance, economy, foreign relations and worldview etc.

China’s progress and success on this scale, was never even within the wildest imagination of China Watchers abroad or in China itself. The absence of China expertise globally has left many in the Western world shocked to know of China’s rise, while it has left many of its friends, allies and well-wishers in the Developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America equally mesmerized. No amount of adverse propaganda can revert the clock of history! China has achieved in four decades (1979-2019), what took the Western world 400 years to achieve. China did it all on the strength of its Cultural heritage, governance system, visionary leadership and Soft Power.The Author feels that China’s rise is still in its initial phase. It however offers some very useful lessons for all the Developing countries, particularly Pakistan. Pakistan for a number of reasons is best placed to emulate China’s success story, but for this to happen, Pakistan needs to adopt multifaceted, home cooked Comprehensive Policy reforms, take hard decisions, tackling squarely the challenges it has avoided so far. The ruling elite of Pakistan needs a ‘mindset change’ and be prepared to revive the national institutions, structures and governance, to harness the underlying potential of the country. Pakistan is among the ‘best blessed and placed countries for the Future’. Pakistan only needs to get out from the specter of despondency, dependency, debt trap and decline,of its Development template, by adopting the sustainable short cut provided by ‘China’s Model of Development’. China learnt from the world. It is now the turn of the World to learn from China.

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